August 2012 Newsletter

July 22nd 2012 Ride, Meet and Eat

Jeff always finds places that make me go “you wanna go where?” and when we get there it’s awesome.  The Rockton Auto Museum was a pleasant surprise.  This seemingly little place off some random industrial road turned out to be packed full of history and a wonderful collection of artifacts from President Lincoln’s life and death.  The exhibit was much more impressive than anything I’ve seen at any big over-tourist’d place.  Then the vehicles!  I enjoyed the presidential limos and that giant piece of German engineering that German leadership rode around in.  If you haven’t been there I highly recommend spending a couple hours walking around.

Next meeting August 19th

We’ll be meeting at the shop at 11 and going back to Bristol Tap where it all started.  We’ll eat giant burgers (cash only remember) and head westward for a nice little ride around the area.  I heard something about Ice Cream… Feel free to meet us at Bristol Tap around 1 if that’s more convenient for you.

Upcoming Events

August 11th is the 1st Annual JPMG Pig Roast.  Jim is combining his Spyder demo day with a bit of a customer appreciation day and well.  Pig Roast!  Bring your family and friends to try out a Spyder and enjoy the food and company of Owners and friends alike.  Spread the news, invite coworkers and strangers.

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