July 2012 Newsletter

We announced the formation of a leadership group with the goal of creating a new riding group sponsored by Jim Potts with the goal of starting over with what we’ve learned over the last 6 months.  Expect more about this over the next couple months as we sort out the details.  If you are interested in holding a position in the leadership group or would like to volunteer your time please contact myself or Al.

Al’s lawyer turned out to be very informative and had some really great points to make.  To summarize, check to make sure your motorcycle insurance covers both UM (Uninsured motorist) and UIM (Under Insured Motorist) of at least $100,000 per individual.  Less than that is pretty much useless and could leave you in very bad shape financially if you are in an accident.  Two points he made that stood out:  It only costs about $26 per month to increase from $20k to $250k, or 12.5 times as much coverage.  Talk to your insurance agent about this.  Second, People who get in accidents have their rates go up.  They then reduce THEIR coverage or drive uninsured to compensate.  If a bad driver hits you it is highly likely they will have insignificant insurance or no insurance at all and there’s nothing you can do about it if you don’t have your own significant coverage.

Jeff Woodard lead us on a fantastic ride to the Fire and Ice Smokehouse and Creamery in Marengo.  Nice place, good ice cream, looks like they have great food (didn’t try any myself.)  Definitely adding this one to our lunch list.  We said goodbye to those who only had time for a short day and headed west. Jeff took us to see The Eternal Indian blackhawk statue in Oregon and then off to … MORE ICE CREAM!  Jay’s Drive In was perfectly timed with something to eat and cool us down before heading home.
There were several new members present!  Welcome Corie, Joel, and Tom.  If I missed your name speak up!  If I miss it twice you can throw water balloons at me next time we meet.

To avoid a conflict with the Gavers Foundation Barndance that we’ll all be going to July 14th (right?) we have decided to move the monthly meeting to the 3rd Sunday of each month at 11 which will also free up Saturdays for rides.  Lunch will continue to be after the meeting and may or may not be at the dealership.

However this next meeting will be July 22nd.  We will meet at Jim Potts Motorsports at 10am and Jeff will lead us on a ride to the Rockton Auto museum, BBQ, Ice Cream and we will hold our meeting during the ride at one of the stops.

The calendar has been updated with all the current rides.  Please let us know if there’s something missing or something you want added.

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